Wednesday, June 3, 2015

This is me (Picture) and more real life stuff!

Hey People:

So this is me..I'm the guy in the middle with the hat. I would have posted a photo of me on my own but it felt so vain, also I hate photos of me on my ownsome. So now you know my name and what I look like, I hope I have lived up to expectations...If I have then wow they must have been low. 

Also Vid huggles to you right now. Sad to see you taking a break but I get it, and hope your real life stuff goes better in future. Also same to you fine folk at Mares re your real life stress and such. 

As for me as is evident I have lost almost all interest in Sims but I miss you all, got super nostalgic going through all my old posts. This makes me sad. My studies are going well. Still have goals to travel but being a student means I am poor. 

Stay in touch people!
(That's rich coming form me, I've spent so long away I think I've lost all my Simmerverse friends)

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  1. SR!!!! *hugs* Thank you for your kind words. You're too sweet and a snappy dresser too from what I see. Handsome also. ;P Hope you get to travel soon and good luck with your studies. :D Do stay in touch, because I'm still here (er...sort of) and you got plenty of people who still love ya. :)