Saturday, August 27, 2011

Congratulations EA, The Best Company in the World

EA has won the award for the best company ever, its official. EA has achieved what no business before has achieved, they have managed to actually take money from people offering the fountain of youth in return...

"Become Forever Young - Will your Sims uncover the curious magical properties of Hidden Springs? Explore the World and you might discover rejuvenating waters, drink from the Fountain of Youth and your Sims wishes just might come true."

That's right all you owners of hidden springs can boast that you paid 25$ for the promise of eternal youth.

A great achievement indeed. Congratulations EA

Of course I don't actually know if Hidden Springs is good or not, but there is a certain limit to what price someone should pay for something like that.

One piece of Advice...

"How To Know When EA is charging to much?" 
"Whenever they are selling."

Does EA really deserve the criticism that I give it...

*Still Cannot Get Hidden Springs*

Yes, Yes it does.

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