Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Thoughts On Pets Especially The Unicorns

So it would seem the new creature is a Unicorn, I have seen at most half a dozen threads in the last month and its been too long since I checked simprograms, so forgive me if I produce any incorrect information.

 But anyway, as said at the outset the unicorn is the new creature, I tend to agree that its an over rated horse, and therein lies my question, it is after all a horse, can it really be counted as the new creature. 

In games past the creature has essentially been a sim, in one form or another. 

WA: Mummy
AMB: Simbot
LN: Vampire
GEN: Imaginary Friend.

All these were really sims with unique features, and all except for the simbot I think, could be turned (back) into sims.

Now as many have pointed out they take the horse which is one of 3 major animals that has been added, and tweaked it and made it the new creature.

I don't think this counts as a new creature really, even if they did make it super awesome, its still a horse is horse of course of course.

hmm, I don't have any clever or witty conclusion

"Hey Whats That Behind You!"

*leave while you are distracted*


  1. I would have LOVED werewolves in the sims 3... Too bad - we get unicorns :S

  2. I agree, I would have loved some werewolves!!