Monday, April 16, 2012

Dear Simmerverse

Dear Simmerverse,

You have been pretty boring lately, except for all those Simmy blogs which are still highly interesting.

Yours Sincerely

Here is where I make an empty promise to return to the Simmerverse and be more active. I truly wish I was more active but I have precious little time to do anything these days.

Until my next uninspired jumble of words...
Good Day to you Sir/Madam/Porcupine.


  1. LOL It has been boring lately. I barely have anything to rant about. xD

    Hopefully the summer will bring some action and extra time so we can both stick around more. :)

  2. *crashes in bringing random drama* how DARE you think im boring?? am i here just to entertain you?? HUH? WHAT AM I SOME KINDA CLOWN!>!?!?!?

    better? XD