Monday, April 2, 2012

Simmy Projects

So I figured I really ought to be posting here, I mean just so you know I am alive. I have been working on a few sim projects, most of them will never come to fruition, one is my Alice in Wonderland machinima, but I am far to lazy to do another machinima at the moment

While searching for Alice cc I stumbled upon the awesome new cc site,
 Ace Creators, which is totally awesome, its basically 4 expert cc creators, collaborating, to make expert cc. I think I may be using the word expert to much. 

Anyway back to my not so expert simmy projects, I am also creating a sim story, the general plot revolves around a small peaceful town built around a church, a traveler comes across the town and realizes there is something wrong with the town and its residents. 

I have not made any cc in while, no inspiring ideas, plus the fact that I am far to busy (or lazy) to do anything much sim-wise. My enthusiasm for sims has somewhat disappeared, as is evident by my lack of posting.

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