Saturday, April 15, 2017

New blog? Maybe not.

To Blog or Not To Blog

That is the question. 

You see I'm going through something of a Simming rebirth and I'm just wondering if this blog is worth keeping or if I should start again? Same question for my YouTube account.

As far as YouTube is concerned my content on there is currently not that great, I remember thinking it was at the time but now I've really had a change of heart. So I'm tempted to rebrand it and delete all my content and just start again. 

Back to the blogging though, I considered starting a new one but then it's so hard to get established and I was lucky that this one even was popular for as long as it was. And although it's lost its spark I think this one is worth keeping, or at least it's not worth starting a new one. 

Is anyone even reading this anymore, I think not, but I'm grateful for a place to articulate my thought process. 

1 comment:

  1. Welcome back! I'm still here stalking this blog. :P B/w I almost changed my name, but it lasted for like two mins. LOL I support anything you do tho.

    My blogspot is still active somewhat and I have a tumblr aka simblr. Tumblr is alright if you have a lot to post. I kind of suck at it. xD