Monday, April 24, 2017

Simming Again... At Last!

Just Keep Simming...

Okay Simmerverse, Come at Me! Being that I played the Sims 3 for so long and that even after getting Sims 4 some time ago I still kept playing 3 it is quite difficult to adjust. I always revert back to my Sims 3 ways. Especially is this true when in build mode. I am a builder at heart when it comes to the Sims, let me tell you why:

In her youth my sister played with her dolls in her beautiful dollhouse, it looked like a miniature colonial mansion except that the entire facade of the house opened up. It had working lights and everything. Now whilst my sister loved her dolls, I loved the house. It fascinated me. Of course I couldn't play with it, it was my sisters and therefore off limits, but on her generous days I was allowed to look at it. I remember questioning the practicality of a house that lacked any purposeful hallways. You had to walk through the dining room to get to the bedroom. Not very sensible, but of course the nature of such doll's houses is impracticality. 

Another hobby was that I would take cardboard and sellotape and make small houses with working doors. Perfecting a sliding door from card was my ultimate triumph.Sellotape for glass. Red crayola for brickwork. Once in high school for a project I made an entire Roman Bath from my sisters GHD hair straightener's box (Unfortunately I relied too heavily on the build and not enough on the essay and was sadly marked down). Given this childhood penchant it seems sad that I didn't pursue the idea of becoming an architect. 

Even further to this theme my mother made much of her money flipping houses. Sarah Beeny's property ladder was a staple of our TV viewing diet. We thought ourselves very clever when we predicted which design flaws Sarah would single out. Thus my house design passions were reinforced again. 

Thus Sims has proven to be the ultimate outlet for such passions. I can build and dream and create or recreate. Project One: Downton Abbey a.k.a. Highclere Castle. 

The great tragedy of Sims 4 is the limitations put upon the build system. While some features are wonderful I shall always miss CAST. Now one must simply make do with the presented colour options. Also it feels like its much easier to build something stock standard, but far harder to build something individual, something quirky. While not impossible it will be my challenge to learn the work arounds that allow creativity to flow. So while I continue with this learning experience, wish me luck, for I shall need it. 

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