Saturday, October 22, 2011

Been Playing Pets All Weekend

Because of all the troubles I just decided to go cc free, except for all the stuff I have from the store.
It's been fun, and I have been playing without cheats.
My Current Household consists of 1 sim and 2 dogs.
James Kingfarrier and his 2 dogs, Poirot and Pharaoh.
James About To Enjoy A Freezerbunny Ice-cream.

James Playing With Poirot.

The Family's Starter Home In Appaloosa Plains. 

Oh I almost forgot, the snake, Scarlet, from China.
James is a writer, and is semi-slumming it, but is on his way to financial success with all his books, he is at level 9 writing and has written about 17 books. He is also a minor celeb with one star, paparazzi occasionally show up 
(funny story about paparazzi later).

He ended up on a trip to China to deliver a book, but while there he made a few thousand simoleons adventuring, even though he stayed for only 2 days.
Anyway while sleeping in China this guy shows up ans starts taking a picture of James while he is asleep. LOL. Also in China he found a rare snake which is now a part of the household. After returning from China he could afford to upgrade all his cheap things, like the bed, bathroom and kitchen. (I have to save up now, instead of using cheats).
Creepy Paparazzi Taking A Photo Of A Sleeping James.

James Looking For Adventure...In His PJ's.

James On His Way To The Martial Arts Academy.

James With Scarlet The Snake From China.

This Chinese Man's Running Style Is Too Good Not To Share.


  1. LOL, the dude running's face says "Whatchu looking at punk?" XD

  2. What were the problems with CC in pets? I haven't encoumtered ome bad thing...