Friday, October 14, 2011

End of World VS. Pets Release

Pets is released over here on the 21st of October, Funnily enough when using Google to try and confirm this as the release date of pets, it also happens to be the End of the world, well according to Harold Camping anyway, though If one was to believe every word of his, then earth should have been burning since May...

After his failed prediction regarding May 21, 2011 being the beginning of the Apocalypse, which would have finally ended on October 21, 2011, Mr Camping went on to insist that despite the May Mishap. October will still be the end of the world. While I am not against the idea of the End Of The World, I'm against the idea that Mr. Camping knows when it is...

And so, with this prediction from Mr. Camping in mind, I have faith in one thing...

That on October 22nd I Shall Be Enjoying Pets.

Just an After thought...
Is the UK release countdown over at Simprograms a countdown to the End of The World?


  1. lol, I wonder what excuse he comes up with if, and when it doesn't happen XD

  2. We'lll be one of the first ones on October 21. I'll tweet what happens minuite by minuite..... On my pets game. XD

  3. Well, on Friday, you better listen to this song: JK!

    No one should believe in the End of the World bs! The majority of people will be alive by 2013.

  4. Well, the world will end sometime. That I believe.